Saturday, July 16, 2011

Everything4360 Testimonials

These are just a small sampling of some the messages that come across the support team’s desk on any given day.

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Name: Darren W.
Subject: Thanks for the help,
Message: I tried flashing my Xbox 360 DVD drive numerous times with the info on a forum. I was missing some of the steps involved and couldn’t for the life of me find all the software I needed, that is until I found you guys. I just wanted to let your support team know just how much I appreciate the guidance and step by step help you gave me through the process. I have followed your instructions to the letter and finally everything works, It was no where near as hard as I thought it would be! Keep up the great work and its been a pleasure dealing with your company…Do you ever sleep?

Name: Saul Y.
Subject: You saved my gaming life!!
Message: I just wanted to thank you dudes for the info on how to fix the red rings of death. I had opened my x box for the third time when I tried your fix and I have to say it worked perfectly. I had followed videos on you tube and tried them, I was instructed to remove the x clamp and replace them with screws. This In now way works, the person in the video said that they lose resistance after time?? And he also said that you needed to cook the thermo compound by not attaching the fan and letting the box get hot for about 15 minutes, so I did all this and nothing. Well to make a long story short which I don’t think I have I just wanted to thank you cool dudes for the info that finally fixed the problem once and for all!

Name: Mike N.
Subject: Impressed!!
Message: I received my first game yesterday….I am impressed by many things – that you even had these such games for starters, the speed of your downloads and all the help you gave me getting started. Thanks so much Im burning games for my buddies to!

Name: Doug B.
Subject: none
Message: I Downloaded an Xbox 360 game today, and just had to say I’ve been so pleased with your service. Your site is easy to follow, and I thank you for being very responsive to my inquiries. Your sign up is straight forward, within seconds I was in the members area downloading away. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to doing more business with you.

Name: Ryan
Subject: Thanks, I finally got it!
Message: Rich, I just want to say thank you so much I was having so many problems trying to figure everything out with outdated forum info and , dummie replies on the forum’s I was going nuts. I honestly didnt want to get a membership but decided to after you helped me out so much before I was even a member. I’m glad I did and I have to say your customer service is the best I have ever had for anything I have bought. I know your supposed to be specific to Xbox 360 but your knowledge base is truely massive thanks for helping me with my pc problems too.

Name: Alyssa
Subject: none
Message: I got this for my boyfriend at easter and havn’t seen him much because he’s always playing games now…He’s happy with it though.

Name: MIchelle R.
Subject: Thanks for the help
Message: I already had my console modded so I didnt need help with that until the new games didn’t work anymore. Rich’s support and guidance got me back up and I can run all the new games again, safely too.

Name: Rodney P
Subject: none
Message: Thanks man, I made so much money from game backups and console modding it’s crazy. I especially want to thank you for anways helping me out when I come accross new issues, versions and updates.

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