Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to get unlimited acess to ALL THE NEWEST xbox box games

Every single Xbox 360 Game that has ever been released is on Everything4360, its updated daily so when a new game is out we will have it on the network instantly for download, backup or to copy xbox 360 games! Everything4360 accesses the world’s largest databases all in one place for you!

The games are played on your Xbox 360 just download or copy xbox 360 games, burn them to a Dual layer DVD disc put them in the Xbox 360 and away you go!

No mod chip is required! Games are Stealth Patched therefore they will play on the Xbox 360 as a normal game would! However, don’t let any other site tell you otherwise you must flash that is softmod your dvd drive first! If you hear otherwise it’s a lie! We also provide video instructions, tutorials and personal support for this as well as all the other processes involved in flashing/softmod. May require an add on adapter not included.

You will have full access to linked network worldwide supporting all regions, console verions, pc, mac & linux software as well as media of all types from dvd, mp4 to mp3, aac and more. You can download any region game or copy xbox 360 games or make a backup of your existing games.

Game downloads and copies are exactly like the originals when you download or copy xbox 360 games.

Copying xbox 360 games has never been more simple, more straight forward or explained in more detail. The entire process takes minutes to get underway (not including burn times, avg 20 min/disk). Basic pc requirements are a dual layer dvd burner and min spec pc – athlon 2000+ . P4 2g and up. OSX for mac, burning and downloading software work fine on 9 but its worth updating to X.

e4360 makes a perfect 1:1 duplicate copy xbox 360 games! This means that the audio and video quality will be exactly the same as your original disk. Everything gets perfectly replicated, in fact you won’t be able to tell the difference from the original.

We give you the software to burn games for each and every console, as well as detailed tutorial videos that walk you through each step of the way. You will, however, need to have obvious things in order for your membership to work! Such as a cd burner, a console (yeah we actually get people who say they didn’t know they needed a game console to play the copy xbox 360 games!)

Yes. The service we offer is 100% legal. Please see here for more details: US CODE: Title 17, section 117

Yes we support UK -PAL US- NTSC U JAP- NTSC J and some region free xbox 360 games are listed as well

Your membership with Everything4360 will never, ever expire. We may increase the fee for new members, however once you are subscribed you wont have to worry about that. Lock in now before we increase membership rates. With all the bandwidth costs and new members joining daily we will have no choice!

Instant access! no waiting times as soon as you buy the membership you will be redirected straight to the members area for immediate downloading 24/7!

Currently only $39.99 ( usual price $49.99 ) to purchase Everything4360 please click on the Sign Up links.

Your membership is for life and includes new consoles that are not even made yet. As soon as we have a new process, you will too. We do all the legwork so you don’t have too. We cover all the Download, Burning, Backup and copy xbox 360 games processes with software, tutorials and games instantly on tap to download instantly. Currently over 800+ days of file retention.

We don’t collect payment from you ourselves. Independant payment sites are usually insecure. To ensure that your information is safe, we pay a secure site to collect payments on our behalf. It costs us a little more, but it ensures our customer’s prvacy under every circumstance. It also ensures if your satisfaction. If your not happy with your membership simply request a refund.

Click2Sell is a secure payment gateway that collects credit card & online payments on our behalf, and then keeps a percentage of that payment in exchange for providing the service to us. They guarantee that your information is kept safe and secure at all times.

Phone billing is the preferred method of payment for people who do not have a credit card or alternate online method, or simply does not feel comfortable giving out that information online. Phone billing works like a 900 number charge – it charges per minute and the total cost appears on your bill. You will need to stay on the phone until the per-minute cost totals the price of the membership. Once the total has been reached, you will receive your PIN code to choose your username and password.

Zaypay is a secure payment gateway that collects cell phone and telephone payments from the telephone companies on our behalf, and then keeps a percentage of that payment in exchange for providing the service to us. They guarantee that your information is kept safe and secure at all times.

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The intended purpose of the modules on this site is to allow you to use your Xbox 360 game console to play imports and backups of software that you own, and unsigned code, as is allowed by law. We accept no responsibility for the use of modules when used to play copy xbox 360 games or backup download you do not legally own.

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